What is a communicologist?


Communicology is an interdisciplinary meta discipline with definition (2001), taxonomy and terminology presented by Truls Fleiner and Jorunn Sjøbakken. Information on the work of Fleiner and Sjøbakken can be found at Skandinavisk Institutt for Kommunikologi AS/AB, www.kommunikologi.no.

Discipline denotes a study and knowledge area.

Meta discipline denotes a discipline that studies other disciplines.

Current wording in definitions:

  1. The study of the structure and dynamics of communication and change when all experience and all behaviour is defined and studied as communication.
  2. The study of common factors in change work.

Literally translated, communicology means “the teachings of what is in common”.

Interdisciplinary meta competence

Through studies in communicology, communicologists attain interdisciplinary meta competence.

Communicologists conduct analysis, quality assessment and change work using the discipline’s terms as filter when studying methods, models, theories, research and work within, as well as practioners of, change work.

The Association of Communicologist’s Disciplinary Documentation 

The Association has issued “Disciplinary Documentation for Communicologists. Terminology.” which describes the material, words and terms used in communicology, formulated as a standard.


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